About Orange County treatment centers

Orange County treatment centers help their customers and clients with drugs and alcohol abuse. Drug detox or alcohol detox is the first step on the road to recovery from drugs and alcohol addiction. After detoxing, the restoration therapy can be started.

Outpatient rehabilitation        

Outpatient restoration is a type of treatment program in which the patient wants to visit the facility at regular intervals. These visits may cover individual therapy, support group counseling, and life skill workshops and coaching. During the treatment, the patients are required to undergo weekly drug tests to make sure that they are satisfying their health and life vows.

Inpatient rehabilitation

Inpatient restoration programs are mainly designed to help patients fully focus on their recovery without any distractions and interruption. Inpatient restoration is a program in which the patient is required to remain in the facility for the entire span of the program. Depending upon the patient’s needs and preferences the program may last for almost ninety days. During the treatment, the patient goes through a detoxification process and receives individual and group therapies before heading towards recovery.


How you get addicted to drugs?

When alcohol or drugs are introduced into the human body, there are a number of effects throughout the body that will occur as a result, but some of the most important changes occur in the brain. There would be an unexpected increase production in naturally occurring chemicals. So in short, these chemicals are not naturally produced, the brain starts relying on the drugs and alcohol. The users will continually require more of the drug administered habitually.Orange County treatment centers try to make you free from every addiction and make you live a normal life.

Services by NewportOne Health

NewsportOne Heath provides safe, operative, guided, life improvement services for lifelong recovery from various forms of addictions and cravings. They provide drug addiction treatment and other addiction treatments through an reasonably priced program that provide a wide range of treatment options to accommodate the fluctuating routines, timetables and finances of the customers to help and create a strong basis for recovery.


Orange County treatment centers haveteam of experts who address underlying causes of substance abuse and behavioral patterns to guide clients towards lasting recovery.Their objective is to assist the individuals in rebuilding their lives, giving them guidance and supporting them in achieving goals of living life.